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Welcome to my corner of North Georgia. I document my adventures and outdoor activities in hopes of inspiring others to make the most of each day. It is my goal to make hiking accessible and non-intimidating, while promoting responsible enjoyment of the environment. No trail is too short!

Columbus Chattahoochee River Walk 3-21-18

Most of my work during the month of March had me in Tifton, GA. I hate to say it but there is really not a lot going on in Tifton. I searched for a park with a nice walking trail or some kind of outdoor recreation area but did not find much. I didn't have much time in the afternoons after work to drive anywhere and didn't want to be out in an unfamiliar area by myself, so most of my physical activity was limited to the hotel gym. 

During part of the month though, I was in Columbus. Due to "springing forward" and also the fact that Columbus is practically in central time anyways, I had a lot more daylight to work with. The weather has been mostly horrendous all month but I had one or 2 ok days while I was in Columbus. So of course I had to see how the Chattahoochee down there compared to my beautiful river up here north of Atlanta. I was delighted to find a 15 mile long walking path along the banks of the river (I could have walked to Alabama, but why would anyone do that?). My part of the river is more scenic because obviously the area around the river in downtown Columbus is developed and has a lot of buildings, traffic, etc. I'm sure as you get away from the city, the river and scenery becomes more serene. The path itself is lovely; it's very wide and flat, which makes it great for bicyclists, joggers, and walkers. 

I only walked a mile or so on the path after starting at Woodruff Riverfront Park near downtown, because I also planned to walk around downtown Columbus. It was extremely windy and cold and very few other people were out and about. I did see some kayakers, as this part of the river is quite rapid-y, and fisher folk. I was also shocked to see motor boats on the river. I walked down to some old mill buildings and looked around there and also walked across a small bridge onto an island, which would be a great place to hang out if it wasn't freezing and windy. 

After walking along the river, I went up into downtown Columbus (which is apparently also known as Uptown). It's slightly sketchy but overall I found it quite nice. I went in a great coffee shop and met several storefront dogs who were hanging out on the sidewalk in front of their respective shops. I always like to support local businesses and there were quite a few in downtown Columbus. There seems to be a culture of coffee, beer, and bicycles (and dogs) in Columbus and I can't argue with any of that. There is also a lot of public art. It seems like they are really trying to make it an interesting place. Just my assessment after spending a few hours there. 

So in a month of traveling for the first 3 weeks and rainy weather every weekend I was home (not joking), I am happy I managed to find a little adventure wherever I could. There are many places near Columbus I would like to go such as the Warm Springs area and Providence Canyon but alas, no time for that when working. Maybe another time..

Raven Cliffs 3-24-18

Augusta "Locks" 2-21-18