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Welcome to my corner of North Georgia. I document my adventures and outdoor activities in hopes of inspiring others to make the most of each day. It is my goal to make hiking accessible and non-intimidating, while promoting responsible enjoyment of the environment. No trail is too short!

Augusta "Locks" 2-21-18

I have been traveling a lot in the month of February so between that and the mostly horrible weather we've had all month, there has not been much outdoor recreation. We did go to Little Ridge Park and Bowmans Island (in the rain- very muddy) a few times but really my only new or interesting excursion was in Augusta last week. Actually, it was in Martinez and make sure you pronounce that correctly (Martin-ez)!! Again, I was traveling for work so didn't really have much time for leisure each day but I did manage to go to Savannah Rapids Park one day after work. I visited this park before about 7 years ago when my sister-in-law lived in Augusta, so I made a point to go back.

The park is situated at the headgates of the Augusta Canal and the property also includes historical features such as a Lock Keeper's cottage (add Lock Keeper to my list of old school, preferred professions). It's different than a lot of places I hike in that the history of it is just as interesting as the scenery. The trail from the headgates winds its way all the way down to Augusta (about 15 miles round trip) and unfortunately, I only had time for a mile or 2 before sunset. It's a flat path (nice change of pace from the mountains) and wide enough for all manner of walkers, jogger, or bicyclists. Canoe and bike rentals are available at the park and I imagine either one of these methods of transportation would be a lot of fun to use at this location. I had time for neither but should I find myself in Augusta for any reason other than work, I would love to ride a bike all the way down the path. 

One major difference I noticed from the first time I visited was the actual locks all over the guardrails. Apparently it's become very popular to place combination or key locks with inscriptions (dates, names, etc) along the guardrails (similar to other famous bridge in Europe). Research tells me this all started about 5 years ago and apparently there is some debate as to whether it's harmless or vandalism. I can see both sides, especially since this is definitely the opposite of leave no trace, but I did enjoy looking at the unique lock styles and wondering about the people who left them. 

So that was my short, sweet trip to the Augusta Locks. I enjoyed a peaceful sunset with the clouds reflecting perfectly off the water and moss swaying in the trees. Not bad for a weekday after work. I've got some upcoming trips to South Georgia areas so I've got to research and see what other recreation I can find. Tifton is up next and so far I haven't seen much on the map to do around there. I might just have to stick to the hotel gym. We shall see. 

Columbus Chattahoochee River Walk 3-21-18

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