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Welcome to my corner of North Georgia. I document my adventures and outdoor activities in hopes of inspiring others to make the most of each day. It is my goal to make hiking accessible and non-intimidating, while promoting responsible enjoyment of the environment. No trail is too short!

Thanksgiving Weekend 2017

We had stunningly good weather over Thanksgiving weekend. It was brilliantly sunny and high around 60 each day (this is the kind of "cold" weather I can tolerate). I also try to "opt outside" (thanks REI- no they are not sponsoring me!) on or near major holidays as much as possible because I detest shopping and the general consumer frenzy that takes over after Halloween each year. We did have quite a few family/football obligations (and work for me, boo!) but managed to get in some quick local hikes and some of our favorite places. 

On Black Friday (make that green Friday for me thankyouverymuch), we went to visit friends in Northeast Cobb County, so decided to go to Roswell Mill and Vickery Creek afterwards since it was close by. The Mill has to be my favorite place in all of metro Atlanta. I haven't really been there very much during the winter but it is just so pretty no matter what the time of year. I love the City of Roswell for placing such an emphasis on parks and historic preservation. I really miss living there. 

The Mill was a little crowded and we had to circle the parking lot several times for a space, but eventually snagged one. Bear in mind, we were there right in the middle of the day so really not too bad all things considered. We didn't really go too far on any of the trails but leisurely walked up to the waterfall and then explored along the banks of the creek before heading out. 

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, James went to the Falcons game but again the weather was so stunning, I decided to go to Sawnee Mountain after running some errands. It was later in the afternoon so I decided to use the trail from Bettis- Tribble Gap Rd since it is shorter. I have never hiked that trail before. It is much shorter and easier than the trail from Spot Road. I literally did not even break a sweat. There were several people on the trail but it really wasn't that crowded and the summit was peaceful (the last time I was here, I'm pretty sure there were people using drugs under the viewing platform). The view of the mountains was unreal due to the low humidity and extremely clear visibility. 

So that was Thanksgiving. No need to hike to burn off calories from eating too much because we've been vegan for a year now and everything we eat is healthy and doesn't weigh us down. 

Rabun Bald 12-26-17

Tallulah Gorge and Clayton 11-5-17