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Welcome to my corner of North Georgia. I document my adventures and outdoor activities in hopes of inspiring others to make the most of each day. It is my goal to make hiking accessible and non-intimidating, while promoting responsible enjoyment of the environment. No trail is too short!

New year, new travels

As stated in another post, I have no new year's resolutions. In fact, I have only been to the gym twice since January 1 (as opposed to 4-5 times a week normally). BUT we are definitely starting out 2018 with bang- another trip to California! Since 2017 was filled with so many life changing travels, we figured we'd keep it up in 2018. It may seem odd to take a vacation right after the winter holidays, but let's be honest- isn't that when you are most in need of a vacation? So off we go, back to San Diego. Although we'd like to eventually go other places out west (we've talked about Colorado and Utah), we've got a free place to stay in San Diego so we're going to take advantage of that and hopefully save up for some other places down the line. 
I've got this trip planned out quite a bit more extensively than the last one since now we are more familiar with the area and we'll be doing more hiking and outdoor activities since it's not late summer. I'm very much looking forward to seeing some different scenery (hint- more desert than beach this time around!) and getting out of the cold, rainy Georgia winter for a while! More to come soon!

California Part Dos

Florida Trip- October 2017