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Florida Trip- October 2017

I really traveled a lot in 2017. Arizona in February, California in August, and Florida in October. Would you believe I did not leave the state of Georgia at all between 2011 and 2015? Well, that's not true- I did go to my sister's graduation in 2011 but that was literally 48 hours in Tampa and I felt like I barely left the airport. So I guess I'm making up for lost time. James traveled a bit more during those years but it was mostly for work or sad occasions like funerals. One perk of being in your 20's and 30's is a lot of people get married. I have the good fortune of knowing a lot of people who get married in desirable locations. Enter Dana- my incredibly talented, beautiful cousin. She lives in New York City but decided to get married in our home area, which of course is the East Coast of Florida. Really can't beat the beach in October unless there is a stray hurricane, but we got really lucky and had absolutely perfect weather. 
This was a whirlwind trip (I only took one day off work) and I went by myself because James has used all his vacation days on our other trips. I was sad he missed out because this was the best wedding I have ever been to. It was fun, relaxing, beautiful, and full of interesting conversation. My cousin is an elite yoga instructor and her new husband is a professional beat boxer and percussionist (seriously, look them up if you're in NYC) so they travel a lot and meet all kinds of different people. The entire weekend was full of music and dancing (neither of which I am skilled at but I enjoyed watching).

The wedding was at a beautiful inn called the Beach Place Guesthouses in south Cocoa Beach. I didn't even know this place existed but it's really awesome. Full of cool art and quirky decor. The rooms are awesome and the complex actually used to be military housing, so they have full kitchens and whatnot. I didn't take any pictures of the rooms because I didn't actually stay onsite. It's on a secluded stretch of beach and they have hammocks, lounge chairs, outdoor grills, etc. Not sure of the cost of having a wedding here but if you are looking for relaxation and "not tacky Florida beach vibe", this is the place. 

After the wedding, I spent time with my family and at the beach by myself. I do a lot of things by myself and I always have. It's just the way I am. I'm an introvert and I'm not ashamed of it. I didn't have a lot of time but I made the rounds to see all my people and went shopping in the local historic district, Cocoa Village. And that was about it. Believe it or not, after the wedding weekend, I drove straight to a work conference. So all in all, I was gone for 8 days total. James wrecked the house so badly in my absence, he felt the need to hire a housekeeper. And that is how we ended up with 2x monthly house cleaning. I guess I need to travel more often!

New year, new travels

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