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Arizona, or how my vacation caused me to have an existential crisis

I am super excited to share my experiences and pictures from Arizona and will do so with a post covering each day we were there. To kick it off though, I feel I must write about how this vacation made me feel. Let me first explain, this is the first actual vacation I have been on since 2005 (I was 21 then, for reference). No visiting family, no traveling for work obligations, no repeat trips to places I have been over and over and over again. Sorry, family in Florida and New Hampshire- I love you all, I just don't consider going to my hometown to be a vacation. 

So basically since being entrenched in adult life, I have not been on vacation. I have been at my job nearly 7 years with no real vacation. I took time off to move, fix up my house, go to my sister's graduation, etc. I had completely forgotten what it is like to experience an existence or location different than my own. And now that I have, I don't want to go back.

When I was younger, I lived for travel. I went to Europe three times by the time I was 21. I learned to ski in Italy. I walked to Poland. I walked to the Czech Republic (from Germany, but still). I spent 3 days canoeing down a river buying food from road side huts. I actually spoke another language fluently. I didn't sit at a desk all day. I didn't spend all my time worrying about other people's problems. I didn't have any money but I also didn't care. I want to be that way again. I want to be carefree. So, in summary, here is a cheesy meme I made from a photo I took in Arizona. More to come soon...

Day 1- Phoenix

The mountain of life