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Welcome to my corner of North Georgia. I document my adventures and outdoor activities in hopes of inspiring others to make the most of each day. It is my goal to make hiking accessible and non-intimidating, while promoting responsible enjoyment of the environment. No trail is too short!

The list

I first came upon the idea of hiking 31 mountains when I was on the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club website and they described a new challenge they are launching- the GA4000, in which participants hike 31 "qualifying" peaks over 4000 feet in Georgia. So no, this was not my idea, but I found it very fitting to stumble upon it two weeks before my 31st birthday. There are limited details on the GATC website and it seems the program is planned to launch in 2016. The GATC has not listed the qualifying peaks yet, but here are a list of the mountains in Georgia over 4000 feet. Obviously there are more than 31, so I'm not sure which ones will not qualify. I have already visited Brasstown Bald and Blood Mountain several years ago and may have hiked others without paying attention to the names but am looking forward to starting the challenge fresh. 

1.            Brasstown Bald                          
2.            Rabun Bald                                
3.            Dicks Knob                                 
4.            Hightower Bald                           
5.            South Wolfpen Ridge          
6.            Blood Mountain                          
7.            Tray Mountain                                           
8.            Grassy Ridge                             
9.            Little Bald Mountain                                  
10.          Flint Knob East                                         
11.          Slaughter Mountain                   
12.          Shooting Creek Bald                 
13.          Chimneytop Mountain               
14.          Coosa Bald                                
15.          Double Spring Knob                  
16.          Eagle Mountain                                        
17.          Flint Knob                                                 
18.          Chimney Top                             
19.          Brier Creek Bald                        
20.          Cowpen Mountain                                    
21.          Slaughter Mt-North            
22.          Rich Knob                                 
23.          Sassafras Knob                        
24.          Flat Top                                                   
25.          Locust Log Ridge                     
26.          Alex Mountain                                         
27.          Big Bald Mountain                    
28.          Mayapple Knob                        
29.          Horsetrough Mountain             
30.          Rich Mountain                   
31.          Double Knob South                  
32.          Rocky Mountain                
33.          Bald Mountain                   
34.          Spaniards Knob                
35.          Blue Mountain                   
36.          Rattlesnake Knob                    

Blood Mountain 10-31-15

Cloudland Canyon Day Trip 10-24-15