Hello, we are Cara and James

30 something married couple living in the 'burbs of Atlanta. We have 2 dogs, stuffy jobs, a ranch house, and a white picket fence (well, really it's a privacy fence). Also "burbs" is subjective. We seem to live right on the line between suburbia and country. That's ok though because we can walk to Lake Lanier and get to the mountains in a flash. 

As much as we love Georgia, we're trying to branch out and see some different things. Some people say the beach is their happy place; for us it's the desert. Complete opposite. We travel to the West/Southwest every chance we get. 

Although we seem boring on the outside, we really are interesting people and showcase that best through writing and pictures.

Here's some specifics about each of us:


Vegan, dog foster mom, social worker, music lover (especially 80's/90's college rock), gym goer, coffee addict, vintage jewelry collector


Vegan, dog foster dad, insurance man, artist, "nerd stuff" collector, 80's action movie buff, bowling addict, home improvement guru


This blog is small potatoes so any product, website, company, etc we write about is not paying us to write about them. We feature people, places, and things we respect and receive NO ad revenue or sponsored products.