Hello, I’m Cara aka “the weeknight hiker”

I’m a 30 something married lady living in the 'burbs of Atlanta. my husband James is a big supporter of my daily adventuring. I have 2 dogs, a stuffy job, a ranch house, and a white picket fence (well, really it's a privacy fence). Also "burbs" is subjective. I seem to live right on the line between suburbia and country. That's ok though because I can walk to Lake Lanier and get to the mountains in a flash.

As much as I love Georgia, I’m trying to branch out and see some different places. Some people say the beach is their happy place; for me it's the desert. I travel to the West/Southwest every chance I get. But since I’m in the South most of the time, that’s what you’ll find most about here. I love to feature hidden gems and also write about the people I enjoy them with.

I am an ambassador for Atlanta Trails and Girls Who Hike, however I receive no ad revenue or sponsored products. I feature people, places, and things I respect and feel deserve the spotlight.