Georgia’s 4ker Challenge

Georgia has numerous mountains topping 4000 feet in elevation and it's a real challenge to hike all of them. I started this challenge in 2015 and have not made much progress, but what I have accomplished is listed here. Fun fact- when I started in 2015 there were only 31 mountains on the list but now there are 32! So I am even further behind than when I started but here is what I have so far:

  1. Brasstown Bald 11/15/15

  2. Rabun Bald 12/26/17

  3. Blood Mountain 10/31/15 and 3/23/19

  4. Tray Mountain 1/30/16

  5. Chimneytop Mountain 11/15/15

  6. Locust Log Ridge 11/15/15

  7. Rocky Mountain 1/30/16

  8. Blue Mountain 5/27/18